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Sailing Anarchy catches up with PUMA’s Kenny Read

Sailing Anarchy: Given Oracle’s troubles, Artemis’ issues, and the state of the Cup at this point, give us your assessment of where you think it is and where it is likely to go. 
Kenny Read:  I think the Cup is very cool to be honest.  Excitement is what this sport needs and what it should be all about.  This past VOR and the Cup are perfect examples of bringing that excitement to peoples living rooms and hopefully to bays and harbors near you.  For example, we are starting a Marstrom 32 (M-32 Catamaran) fleet here in Newport.  Catamarans are finally making it to the mainstream and we have the America’s Cup World Series to thank. I am psyched to go sailing for fun again and we have 5 M-32’s already coming to the Newport area and hopefully it spreads all over North America.  Will the success of the AC World Series translate over to the 72’s and the Cup itself?  That is a good question because the bar has been raised pretty high with the World Series.  But, when was the last time a sailboat was on the national 6 o’clock news, and it wasn’t even in a race—as Oracle was during the “crash and burn on the bay”.  Bring on the excitement of the new America’s Cup.  And remember, as for the rough starts for Oracle and Artemis…it isn’t easy organizing these campaigns and if it was everyone would do it.  All these big Volvo and AC programs have to make educated decisions months and even years in advance.  Hindsight from the couch is part of sport, but typically unfair.  There will be winners and losers.  That is sport.  I can’t wait to see where it all goes