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The Newport event marks the end of the first season of AC World Series racing and follows previous events in Cascais (POR), Plymouth (UK), San Diego (USA), Naples and Venice (ITA). Regatta Director Iain Murray and his team have conducted 130 races over 30 days of racing in the six international venues. Over the time, only one day of races has been postponed due to weather.

We were on the other side of the fence in Venice, with a glamour week and a bad last race, so we’d like to see it go the other way for us here and fingers crossed that’s what we’re going to try and make happen for us today.

We need to get off the start line and sail a good race. We’ve nearly converted our bad starts into good races this week, so if we stay clean and stay away from other boats, I’m confident we can have a good day.

Chris Draper, Luna Rossa Piranha